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Terms and





1. Insurance
It is a condition of hire that the scenery is insured by the hirer. The insurance shall commence from the moment that the scenery is delivered until the moment that it is collected. If the hirer arranges transport themselves, the insurance should run from the moment that the hirer’s hauliers collect the scenery until the moment that they return it. The scenery should be insured for its full replacement value (up to £8,000). All damages and losses other than normal wear and tear whilst on hire will be charged to the hirers, regardless of the cause of the damage or loss.
2. Shortages
We will take no responsibility for any items missing or received damaged unless reported to us immediately.
3. Electrical Items
All electrical items will have been tested prior to dispatch. No alterations or modifications should be made to these items.
4. Substitutions
We reserve the right to make any substitutions that may be deemed necessary due to late, non-returned or damaged items by the previous hirer or circumstances beyond our control. Notice of any substitutions will be given.
5. Return of hire items
The hirer is responsible for ensuring that all hired items are returned. Where we arrange transport, the hirer ensuring that all items are loaded onto the transport will discharge this responsibility.
6. Safety
Whether the scenery is collected and erected by the hirers or we deliver and assist with its erection, it is the ultimate responsibility of the hirers to ensure that the scenery is erected and operated in a safe manner with due regard to current legislation.
7. Force Majeure
Whilst every effort will be made to fulfil our agreement to the best of our ability, no responsibility can be accepted in case of circumstances beyond our control.
8. Alterations
No alterations or repainting of the scenery may be undertaken by the hirer without the express permission of The Real Scenery Company. Any necessary remedial work will be charged to the hirer.
9. Claims
Any claim against The Real Scenery Company shall not be for more than the hire charge of the scenery.
Charges for cancellation will be incurred as follows:
One third of hire fee if before two months of hire date.
Two third of hire fee if between one and two months of hire date.
Full hire fee if within one month of hire date.
For the purposes of this document, “We” refers to “The Real Scenery Company” and "hirer/s" refers to the person/s who are hiring the scenery from The Real Scenery Company.

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