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When the set was designed, one of the major concerns, along
with our policy of building realistically sized sets, was the
elimination of the long scene changes which South Pacific
is notorious for.
The principal set consists of 12ft side flats and three  13ft
x 30ft cloths. One cloth depicting the beach with the island
in the background, one a backdrop on the island & the other
- Company Street.
To these are added;
Steps, pedestals with vases and balustrades. The parts are
interlocking and can be quickly set and struck.
A jetty with steps which have two mounting positions.
A washing machine which when turned on its truck base becomes
the shower. The shower is powered by a period stirrup pump
which is placed in a bucket of water and operated by one of the
nurses. The pressure of water delivered can be from gentle to
A stage mounted on a 12ft x 4ft base. Two circular sets
of cut out girl's legs are mounted on the stage (see photograph).
The legs are rotated by two handles at the rear. For the scenes
backstage, the trucked stage is rotated 180deg. If two of
the chorus are seen turning the handles with part of the
rotating legs in view, it looks very effective. The stage is
approx. 8ft7ins high. If you do not have the space to truck
the stage off, it can be stripped down to its component parts
quickly due to the use of pin hinges and clips.
Company Street the Office & Radio Shack are all
played in front of the Company Street Cloth. This is easily
done with the use of appropriate furniture.
A black sharkstooth gauze 13ft x 30ft is supplied. This can
also be used to bleed into scenes.
A Native Hut comprising 3 hinged flats covered with reed/bamboo
It is easily carried onstage and unfolded.
The set was constructed new for the Sidmouth Musical Comedy
Societys 1999 production where it received very many
favourable comments and praise from the audiences, press &
visiting NODA representative.

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