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The set is substantially constructed and is free standing. A backcloth is provided, but if flying or tracking are not available, the cloth could be permanently fixed or dispensed with altogether. Several acting areas can be utilised and there is access along the bottom and tops of the three towers. The outer two towers have internal staircases from the ground floor to the top floor. Stage right tower has a doorway facing downstage at the first floor. The middle tower has cupboard doors which open to reveal the fireplace for the Thieves' Kitchen. The fireplace has a removable brick for Fagin's "ill gotten gains" to be hidden behind. The stage left tower has double doors at the top floor.
With the two external stairways, the set is capable of many varied interpretations.
Rostra are situated in front of the two outer towers.
The Workhouse Gates are on trucks and can be opened and removed with ease.
4 table and 4 benches (for workhouse and 3 Cripples inn)
Coffin, Shop Sign (for undertaker's)
Counter for undertaker's which also doubles as bar in 3 Cripples inn.
Flower barrow, Brazier, Street Lamp (For Street Scene)
3 Cripples inn sign
Bed (for Oliver at Brownlows)
Thank you so much for an absolutely fantastic set! The school loved it and it worked perfectly in our sports hall. I've worked with several stage sets in my time but rarely has a set gone up so easily (only 3 hours with 8 - 16 year old students and two teachers (one a woman!)) or come down so quickly - (1 hour) and the audience response has been excellent largely down to the scale of the whole project.
Beverley Boys School, New Malden, Surrey

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