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The set has been designed specifically to play in both conventional theatres and schools or community halls that have limited facilities. It is a stylised set that does not follow the conventional idea of scene changes. Because of the nature of the design, it can be adapted to fit most sizes of stage. The scene changes may be performed in a variety of ways, depending on the number of stage-hands available or the way in which the show is presented. The set does not necessarily need any top or side masking and will look well free-standing in a school hall. It is also possible to fly some elements of the set if the facilities are available. The centre arch contains "pea-bulbs" used in the Ballroom scene and will therefore require a dimmer circuit.

Two phonographs on stands
Lamp post
Flower barrow
Post box
The 3 chairs, desk and library steps are no longer provided.

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my fair lady

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